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HDMI to TVI/CVI/AHD Converter Views:1737


HDMI to TVI/CVI/AHD  Converter  


1.Choose the HDMI source devices output channel as the output format.Select the HDMI input format by the Switch as 1080P or 720P

2.Power on the converter, the LED will be red.

3.If the input source HDMI Input resolution is compliant to the resolution TVI/CVI/AHD display supported, HDMI signal can be output via BNC port.

4.The switch can change the HDMI Input as 720P or 1080P, when the power off it will be memory the current TVI/CVI/AHD Output Format.

5.When there is no HDMI signal input or format is not compliant with this converter, the display will show rainbow.


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